Importing stereoscopic skyboxes

You can import your own custom stereoscopic skyboxes. Any image file with twelve images, six for each skybox, arranged in a single row will work.


1. Locate an image file (e.g. OTOY & Oculus Render the Metaverse Contest gallery), or create your own. Make sure it contains 12 images of equal size within it.

2. From the Environment tab in Deskverse, select "Custom stereo skybox" as your environment option.

3. Press "Import" and then select the image file from #1.

4. Deskverse will create two skybox .dds files, one for each eye from the image that you specify.

Using the XBox controller as a mouse

On the Desktop tab in Deskverse, make sure that "Use XBox controller as mouse" is checked.

Controller buttons map to the following actions:

Thumbsticks and DPad - Mouse directional movement

A - Left mouse button

B - Right mouse button

X - Take screenshot

Y - Middle mouse button

Right Hat - Hold to increase mouse movement speed while moving the pointer

Left Hat - Hold to decrease mouse movement speed while moving the pointer

Oculus Touch support

Oculus touch controllers are supported for mouse movement and an on-screen virtual keyboard.

Controller buttons map to the following actions:

Left/Right Primary Trigger - Left mouse button

Left/Right Hand Trigger - Hold to enable mouse cursor movement while moving hands

Left/Right Thumbsticks - Fine precision mouse movement

Left/Right Thumbstick Button - Middle mouse button

Left X/Right A - Right mouse button

Left Y/Right B - Toggle left/right laser pointer

Left Start Button - Toggle virtual keyboard